So, what is QuickDraw?

Quick, Draw! It's a popular online game created by Google in late 2016 where you are tasked to doodle drawings. Think Pictionary: fast paced, and against AI. The fad was all but short lived, with many players across the globe playing even today. On the surface, an artificial voice guesses what you are drawing; but under the hood, you are helping Google train their neural network! It's a fun way for anybody to interact with a machine learning inference system, and now, Google has released an open dataset for people to explore.

QuickDraw banner

And what does our team hope to discover?

You see, we've been sizing up the QuickDraw dataset for a while now. If only we could leverage the country data to predict geographical information. But with barely any distinctive features to train on, surely that's impossible... Or is it?

Let us take you on a journey.